Yoko Komatsu second Full Album

" c o s u i "



Track List

1. cosui
2. falling
3. dark
4. wind
5. haru
6. uhr
7. natsu
8. あの湖で
9. mh II
10. 氷の精
11. snowing
12. licht
13. ende

Composed and performed by Yoko Komatsu

Recorded by Gen Tanabe, at Fluss
Mix and Mastering by Gen Tanabe, at Studio Camel House
Piano Technician, Hideo Tsuji
Sax and Flute by ARAKI Shin, on track 5 and 6
Vocal and Chorus by Miho Ota, on track 8 and 9

All the designs and the photo by Yoko Komatsu
Manufactured with Shinohara Shiko

Special Thanks
Akihiro Yamaguchi / Movie
Arata Sasaki / Inspiration
Kasumi Osada / Photo
Masami Shimomura / Distribution
Naruki Kurokawa / Supporting
Sari (Kahori to tomoni,) / Fragrance
Tatsuro Yokoyama / Inspiration
Yuni Mori / Supporting


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